Sunday, September 17, 2017

Sept 16-17 Yellowstone to Grand Teton National Park

Some time before the BSOL there was a discussion on the OL email list about routes home from the BSOL. Debbie and I said we'd be taking the opportunity to spend 2 days in the Grand Teton National Park before heading home, as it is so close to Yellowstone, and neither of us had visited there before. Jerry said he'd also like to visit it, and arranged to stay at the same lodgings as us at the Heart Six Ranch in Moran. We were looking forward (probably selfishly) to this part of the trip where we could spend time with Jerry as part of a smaller group. Of course, sadly this did not come to pass. However, as the reservations were made, and we could not cancel, we left Yellowstone on Saturday morning and headed towards the South Park Entrance. Weather conditions were such that we'd been warned that many of the Park Entrances were being closed, so we didn't stop to see many of the features of Yellowstone.
A frosty morning in Yellowstone - Lloyd's kitty topped with icing!

Yellowstone Lake is on fire! Presumably a hot spring very close to the lake edge...

A waterfall close to the road. Below freezing temperatures causing a mist of freezing spray
Shortly after exiting Yellowstone Park we entered The Grand Tetons National Park. By now it was raining, rather than snowing, but still very cold.  We decided to pull off and take a break for an early lunch at the Jackson Lake Lodge. This very impressive structure has a dining room overlooking Jackson Lake and the Grand Tetons beyond. When we arrived the mountains were shrouded in clouds, but as time went on we were able to get a glimpse of what we had come to see.

A glimpse of the Grand Tetons over Lake Jackson from the Lodge
After a while, the clouds closed in again, and this was followed by more rain and snow squalls. We therefore headed for our lodgings at the Heart Six Ranch early in the afternoon.

Horse corrals in front of our cabin at the Heart Six Ranch

Clouds beginning to lift as the sun set at the ranch
The following morning (Sunday 17th), I awoke to find a coat of frost on the E-Type, and clear skies.

A frosty morning at the Heart Six Ranch

The Grand Tetons clear of the clouds at last in the early morning sun
Debbie wakes after a night in a Tipi!

The ranch offers horse riding treks. Here the early morning group set off past our cabin
We decided to spend Sunday on a gentle drive to Jackson, past The Grand  Tetons, and then explore the town of Jackson itself.

The mountains became more and more impressive as we headed south.

Grand Tetons with the Snake River in the foreground
We stopped at the Snake River Overlook on Hwy 191 to admire the snow-capped Grand Tetons. Many travellers stopped at the same vista point with cameras in hand. After a while we noticed that more photographs were being taken of the car than the magnificent mountain range! Then someone asked us if we could move our car to a position where they could photograph it with the mountains in the background! We duly obliged, and soon folks were lining up to take the shot...

The Grand E-Type
When we reached Jackson we spent several hours exploring the quaint town. Definitely a place for the ladies to enjoy with many jewelry stores, gift shops, art galleries and clothing stores.

At each corner of the central square are large arches fashioned from elk antlers
On our return to the Heart Six Ranch we found the corrals outside our cabin were now filled with 50+ horses. A few minutes later we were treated to a comic entertainment when more than half the horses discovered at escape route, and proceeded to gallop away into the surrounding pastures. They were rapidly followed by cowboys on quads and dirt bikes who ultimately shepherded them back to the corral!
A full corral of horses looking for an escape route...
And so, our days in Grand Teton have come to an end. Tomorrow we head back to Arizona. All being well, we will be back on Wednesday.

Sunset over the snake river with the Grand Tetons in the background

Lights out!

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