Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Sept 13th - East Glacia to Great Falls, Montana

Our overnight accommodations having been selected at short notice due to the evacuation of Waterton Park, several of the Leakers had good stories to tell about their lodging experiences when we got back together on Wednesday morning. I don't have room to recount any of them here, but if you get a chance ask Glen Wior about his delightful B&B.....

In contrast Debbie and I enjoyed our room at the Lodge on St Mary, where the view from our room was very appealing.

View towards Glacier Park from Lodge at St Mary
That said, we paid for the view with a very cold drive into East Glacier to link up with the main group. We finally caught them up at the first stop of the day at the  Museum of the Plains Indian in Browning.

A parking lot of E's at the Museum of the Plains Indian in Browning. MT

 At the museum we saw many artifacts, and learned much about the history of the Plains Indian Tribes, as well as an exhibition of current arts and crafts. Unfortunately, photography was prohibited in the museum, so this photo from a web site was all I could find to illustrate our visit.

Part of a large display of Indian costumes including amazing fine bead work.
After our visit to the museum, we headed south east on Hwy 89 to our next stop in Bynum to visit the Two Medicine Dinosaur Center and the adjacent Rock Shop. Some visited one location, some the other, and some just took the opportunity to stretch their legs.

Two Medicine Dinosaur Center
 By now the weather had warmed to the point where driving an open topped car was enjoyable, and we headed in convoy south on Hwy 89 and then Hwy 287 to our lunch location in Augusta.

Flat landscape contrasts with the dramatic mountains of the previous two days
 Lunch was enjoyed at the Buckhorn Bar in Augusta. We were made to feel very welcome there, to the point that the entire group was invited to stand behind the bar for a group photo, which I hope to post here later if I can get a copy.

The Buckhorn Bar in Augusta
After visiting some of the small stores in Augusta, we took the road eastward to Great Falls for our overnight stop. Many of us are staying at the O'Haires Motor Inn, which features the Sip'n Dip Lounge which dates back to the 60's. It is decorated in Hawaian style, and features a pool tank where Mermaids swim to entertain the clientelle!

Relaxing at the Sip'n Dip Lounge

A swimmer in full Mermaid outfit blows bubbles in the tank behind the bar!

Christine and Rick Kuschel, who have planned this Oil Leak for us, relax in the Sip'n Dip Lounge
Tomorrow we head for Bozeman, with cold temperatures and rain anticipated. There is even the prospect of snow on our drive to Yellowstone the following day....

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