Sunday, September 10, 2017

Sept 10th - Arriving at Paradise for the start of the Big Sky Oil Leak

Welcome to the blog for the 2017 Big Sky Oil Leak (BSOL) which will take place from September 11th - September 15th visiting some of the roads and National Parks of Montana and Wyoming. This year we are indebted to Christine and Rick Kuschel for all their efforts in organizing this trip. We hope to have 17 Jaguars (all but one E-Types), and around 30 participants. Most of us found our way to tomorrow's starting point at Quinn's Hot Springs Resort in Paradise, Montana in solo drives across fairly desolate landscapes in 50 year old cars. It is therefore pretty amazing that everyone appears to have made it without too many problems. May our luck continue for the next 5 days, and the days that follow as we find our way back to our respective homes. 

To start things off here a re a few photos of my (David) and Debbie's experience getting to the start:

Roads that go straight as far as the eye can see - ID-28 in this case

Rain squalls provided a pleasant cooling effect at the expense of a little discomfort in an open-topped car!

Some very pleasant driving country along the way - US-93 north of Salmon, ID

As Missoula approaches the smoke from wild-fires in the area fills the air

Debbie and I spent Saturday night at the Gibson Mansion B&B in Missoula which we would recommend

This year's bear, Wembly will have to sit on the lid of the cubby. Note his suitcase on the trunk lid. He doesn't pack light...

Debbie made a new friend Maggie while exploring the beautiful gardens before leaving the Gibson Mansion B&B
Everyone made the effort to arrive at the starting point earlier than usual this year. This was to enjoy the hot springs resort, and have a little time to relax before the tour starts tomorrow. The smoke that filled the Missoula area yesterday blew away overnight to a large extent. So, the short drive to Paradise was enjoyable, and we were soon rolling into the resort individually or in groups. The afternoon was spent enjoying the resort, or the surrounding countryside, or preparing our cars for tomorrow. We met for dinner at the resort in a private room and deck overlooking the river.

Enjoying pre-dinner drinks overlooking the Clark Fork River at Quinn's Resort

Tomorrow the tour starts officially, and we will be taking the following route, or not, as the case may be.....

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